Great Clips, awesome songs set to awesome films.

Just something different this time out. Perusing YouTube like any other person I accidentally and thankfully frequently come across cool videos where someone has taken one of my favourite movies and paired it up bang on with one of my favourite songs. Soo, no review this time out. I just wanted to share my current top five clips done in this manner that I have managed to watch at least twenty times each. I'll throw in a bit of commentary of course but more so, here's to the people who took the time to make each one of them.

My earliest memory of the Evil Dead 2 was looking in the movie section of the newspaper as a kid and being scared sideways by the one sheet ad running for it. That iconic skull with intact eyeballs leering corner eyed straight off the page at me I'm sure kept me up a couple nites when I was a little guy. When I finally saw the movie some years later it was by complete accident. I had somehow obtained an unmarked VHS tape and I had no clue what was on it. One nite me and my good friend Brad rolled the dice on said mystery tape and upon seeing the Rosebud Productions marquee before the title sequence we were less than hopeful. When Evil Dead 2 hit the screen shortly after though... oh goodness...bliss! Good guy Ash clamping the disembodied and shrieking head of his zombie bride to be in the work shed vice before pointing in it's face and yelling "You're goin' down!" cemented this thing immediately as one of the best things we had ever seen. I still own that all black unmarked tape of pure Raimi/Campbell gold. Groovy!

When I told an ex once that I did in fact think Duran Duran were a more than credible 80's outfit she pretty much laffed in my face. She said that it was the kinda music her dad tuned in on an FM station while sitting in their garage bobbing his head, drinking Miller High Life and staring at his derelict muscle car. Well baby if in twenty years I own both a garage and a muscle car I'm pretty sure I'd think it was pretty damn cool to do the same exact thing.

#5 Howlin' Ash gets hungry!

Plenty have people have heard me say plenty of times that I wouldn't mind putting on a pair of golf cleats and kicking beady eyed Ryan Gosling's head to bits. I don't get what it is about that guy that makes me wanna go all Twisted Brain on him. Maybe it's that every girl between ages 20 and dead turns into a puddle of lust over the clown and I just can't see why? I suppose I could have my eyes surgically moved so they are two millimeters apart too. Then I could be beating them off with a stick and getting cast in droll movies where I have dirtface scruff and speak uninspired lines monotonously. Good plan. Having said that, his excuse for a musical venture has produced at least one catchy tune that comes off even catchier when paired with one of my favourite creep kid flicks, 1960's Village of the Damned.

#4 Glowing eye murder brats backed with kiddie creep chorus!

What other band in existence are you gonna even try to lay over the Mad Max trilogy? Exactly! Speed, speed and more freakin' speed! "WE REMEMBER THE NIGHT RIDER! AND WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" Side note: I actually met and took photos with Lemmy at London Heathrow. Later when I was eating alone at the T.G.I. Fridays in the terminal, Mr. Kilmister sent a Corona from the bar over to my table. True story!

#3 Lemmy Kilmister vs. Lord Humongous? I'll double down on Lem!

Recently I was telling my dear friend Oskar about how I was really into finding these sorts of videos online. She had a revelation for me. Never would I ever think ANYTHING but the sheer greatness of Ennio Morricone could be beautifully paired with the epic Sergio Leone westerns. She certainly proved me wrong showing me this clip. Sometime later we sat down and watched One Upon a Time In the West under some blankets on a cold sunny day. A marvelous 175 minutes of Fonda and Bronson married to Leone and Morricone where I couldn't help but thinking if they had cheated on them with Arcade would have worked out too.

#2 Arcade Morricone. Blasphemous? No. Gorgeous? Yep. Now because I feel like I just personally cheated Ennio as the greatest film composer in history I offer this one up as tops. I have probably watched this at least a hundred times and while John Williams score to the Star Wars trilogy will forever be one of legend, just gotta ponder what these films would have been like with Morricone at the conductor's stand. When I was a kid all I really cared for were snakes, bikes, punk rock, and Star Wars. As an adult I can say I still look pretty much the same as I did then and continue to like those things a lot. My music taste has however, slightly matured. Quite possibly it's the only thing about me that has. My love of film has brought me to a great love of film scores and sir Morricone, definitely for me, stands at the pinnacle. Ecstasy of Gold is my all time favourite piece of music period, paired here with my childhood favourite movies. Enjoy!

#1 Defining epic with the Maestro!

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